Our Aircraft Refinement Online Courses

Premiere-Aviation will be offering online aircraft refinement tutorials and education videos that highlight all required elements to achieve great results. This will be the building block configuration for aircraft refinement,where you go at your own pace.  Stop, start and review as you feel you want to or need to. Have your specific shop or mechanic view so that both of you are on the same page.

Maintain your plane with higher efficiency, lower labor costs, preserve the reliability and safety of your aircraft. Our aircraft refinement techniques will reduce the pulse variation of cylinders, reduce cracked case occurrences, reduce wear, increase speed, increase climb and carry less fuel to do it all.

In the past, we have doe this onsite to specific aircraft and the results are the best you can get. The 414A RAM Series VII used 20 gallons per hour in cruise with CHT’s of 340-390′ F and go 16.5 GPH with CHT’s of 320-350’F, all rich of peak.

Aircraft Refinement Online Courses

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