Video of Test Flights Same Day, Same Weight – Without Speed Covers and With Speed Covers:

Without Speed Cover


Fuel savings 5-10%. Horizontal distance flown reduced by 18% with an increased rate of 25% on climb. Extra lift, reduced drag, lower angle of attack in climb, cruise and descent.

25% Increase in Single Engine Rate of Climb
18% Reduction in Horizontal Distance Flown
5 -10% Fuel Savings

Speed Cover

Go Faster, Cruise Further and Save Money

Save money on your AvGas by reducing turbulent airflow over your landing gear rims. Our covers increase single and multi-engine climb rates and reduce angle of attack in cruise, which results in an increase of 4 knots indicated airspeed in cruise at any altitude.

Series II and Series III Speed Covers are NOW available !

Series II and Series III speed covers are available NOW with tire access without removing the cover, trade in your Series I cover for $1000 credit or buy the new generation outright, you win either way

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