The Best Value in Increasing Performance and Safety of your Twin Cessna Available, Hands Down!

Without Speed Cover


Overall fuel savings 5-10%, increased range/payload, 25% increased single-engine climb, extra twin-engine cruise speed and climb. Makes your Twin Cessna a different bird at altitude!

25% Increase in Single Engine Rate of Climb, when more is better!
50-100 mile increased range per tankful
5 -10% Fuel Savings on total fuel used on all your flights point A to B

Speed Cover

Go Faster, Cruise Further and Save Money

With over 250 owner satisfied Speed Cover kits in service, the extra climb, speed and payload is making many pilots grin. Changing the climb/cruise performance of the 414A, 421C, 425 and 441, Premiere Speed Covers go the distance!

Series II and Series III Speed Covers are NOW available !

Series II and Series III speed covers are available NOW with tire access without removing the cover, trade in your Series I cover for $1000 credit or buy the new generation outright, you win either way

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